Virus Removal – All

Where do they come from?

The most common places are:

    For 2014 most viruses and add-ons are coming from COUPON AND RECIPE SITES. Yep. That is correct.

    The bad guys are now targeting regular moms who like to make budget friendly interesting meals for their families. So sad.

    If you have downloaded a “printer program” or a “Video Viewer” you may have a virus. Your computer has been printing since it was invented – it doesn’t need a special program for that. That download is the virus.

    OK so you know you have a virus if you see any of the following going on: (the more you have the worse it is)

    • Desktop view looks very different than it did
    • You can’t get on the internet (yes I know the obvious, you are here, but it’s a symptom and you could be goofing off at work reading this.)
    • Constant pop-ups
    • Computer freezing
    • Running really slow
    • Some popups from Windows said you were infected
    • Your internet provider sent you a letter or turned off your service.

    We perform complete virus removal at the shop.  We go through your entire computer and clean all viruses and repair the damage caused by them.  It is very rare for us to reload your computer for a virus.  It happens, but it is rare.  Our virus removal is your exact computer back.  All your favorites, pictures, programs; just the way it was before the virus.

    Free anti-virus programs do not work.  90% of the machines in the shop with viruses have no or free programs installed.

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