Phone Numbers and Paperwork – details you will be glad to have later.

While it may be a snap to put your fingers on important data now, after a catastrophic event it may not be so easy. Prepare for a disaster by keeping a complete list with you of your important numbers.

Because phone service may come back in stages, (wireless vs wired), have alternate numbers for critical contacts.

Will you need assistance to reopen your business? Do you have those resources in place?  See Business Spotlight section above.

Some other people you may want to contact after a disaster:

Suppliers – do you need more or fewer supplies shipped?
Customers – will you need to contact your customers?

Do they have your alternate numbers?

Phone systems – can you re-route your phone traffic? Do you have the password to your mail accounts?
Bank/credit card companies – keep account numbers and passwords with you in case you need to contact these institutions.

Insurance companies – policy number and phone numbers for autos & business.

I hope we never have a hurricane again here in Wilmington, but that is not realistic. Living where we do we have to plan for these events. There is no reason to lose data, important family photos and medical records. It breaks my heart every time I see this happen to people which is why I am so passionate about backups! (Personally, I have TWO backups of my data.)
If you do nothing else, at least backup your photos and business data today – right now – make this a priority!
Two weeks ago we had 8 hard drives come into the shop that had failed. Of the 8 failed hard drives we were able to recover data from 2 locally. Of the 6 remaining only one customer had the financial resources for extensive data recovery. ($800.00 for this particular job.)
A good backup plan is an insurance policy against loss.
If you are not sure where to start or what solution you need, just pick up the phone and call us – we will figure it all out for you.
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