Remote Support

Your Computer Friends can, in some cases, perform remote support to fix your issue right from your own home. In order to be a good candidate for remote support you must have high speed internet access and your computer must be running at a reasonable speed. Remote support is not a good option for virus removal.

Good candidates for remote support include:

  • Email problems
  • Training
  • Specific Websites not working correctly
  • Can’t download pictures
  • Can’t find a missing file
  • A program is not responding as it should
  • Can’t see attachments
  • Configure security settings
  • Perform updates to your computer
  • Clean up PC Performance (PC running slow but not so slow that it takes several minutes to respond to commands.)
  • Check Start Up sequence
  • Remove files/programs
  • Install files/programs
  • Remove web search history

We use LogMeIn Rescue as our Remote Support program. This program provides a bridge between your computer and ours. You must install the software and you must approve the connection with us. Once we end your session, we can not look at your computer again without your permission. You must initiate the connection and than you must approve it.

Remote support charges are similar to on-site charges but may be less if your issue is a simple one. On-site support is a one hour minimum. Remote support does not have a minimum. Charges are $25.00 for initial connection and $1.00 per minute thereafter. ($84.00 for the first hour, $60.00 per hour after) The average Remote Support Session is only 20 minutes.

If you think you are a good candidate for remote support, use the Connect with a Technician button on the right. (Please fill in the required information so we can best assist you and also know your computer from others that might be on remote now.)

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