Repairs-Mac, PC, Phone

Laptop Repairs – We are #1 one in Wilmington for component level laptop repair.

  • Screen replacement – cracked screens
  • Screen repair – can’t see image, LCD screen is dim, Screen is wrong color
  • Won’t Charge – DC Jack Repair
  • Optical Drive broke

PLEASE BRING YOUR POWER CORD FOR ALL LAPTOP REPAIRS!  Yes, we probably have one for your machine, but if someone else didn’t bring theirs either, your job will wait for the loaner.  Also we may run your machine harder and longer than you think.  We don’t work on any machine without it being on direct power.

Estimates for Repairs – if we can look at your machine symptoms at check-in, and diagnose your issue, we can give you a free estimate.  This is anything obvious like cracked screens, virus removal, new software loads, reloads and the like.  If your computer will not turn on at all, we have to diagnose why.  We have to have a technician work on your machine.  When the technician works, he gets paid.  Sometimes he fixes the problem at the same time he is diagnosing, sometimes the news is not good.  Diagnostics are $40.50 or 1/2 hour of labor/fix depending on your situation.  We can not do free diagnostics.  Diagnostic fees are paid in advance.  If you repair your computer with us, we do not charge a diagnostic fee.  Your payment is treated as a deposit and is applied to the cost of repair.

Desktops – Frequent victims of storm damage in Wilmington.

  • Power supply replacement – won’t turn on.
  • Ethernet replacement – can’t get on internet.
  • Fan replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Bad Memory – beeping
  • Video Cards
  • Audio Cards
  • CD/DVD Burner
  • Memory upgrades – running slow
  • software corruption – Blue screens, Black screens, running slow.

Mac grey screens, won’t turn on, spills, cracked screens, can’t load software, bad hard drives.  Please bring your power cord.

iPod and tablet repairs: – we no longer perform tablet and phone repairs.

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