Wireless Internet

Going wireless is great fun for the mobility it provides. But it is not as fast as a networked solution. You don’t do online gaming on a wireless connection. They also go down a lot in the Wilmington area due to our high storm rate and the power fluctuations that causes.

Still it’s fun to sit by the pool or in the living and work, wireless, like I am as I write this…

Just about any computer, including desktops, may be made to be wireless. So if you just do normal computing, you could move that desktop to anywhere in the room/house!

What you need: Simply put, you need a pitcher, a catcher and either DSL or Cable internet service.

Receiving hardware (catcher) This is built into all laptops now, or added to a desktop.

Sending hardware (pitcher) Wireless Router.

Encryption – keeps your neighbors from using your internet and slowing you down. If your wireless is not encrypted and password protected (has a lock next to the network name) then others can slow your PC experience down. Also keeps others from getting on your computer and guards against identity theft.

Wireless installation runs about $159.00 for a Router and set up. Additional charges apply if you need the wireless card for your desktop. (about $30.00)

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